The objective of quality education is learning, not teaching.

A teacher’s prerogative is not only to disseminate valuable information but to ensure substantial and effective learning. A one-sided lecture on the part of the educator might demonstrate a high level of teaching skills but does not imply meaningful learning and knowledge assimilation for the learners. We pay a lot of attention nowadays to curriculum content, classroom teaching strategies, and other teaching-directed resources as the primary strategies that comprise the tenets of quality education. However, we often tend to ignore the other “finer” and important components necessary to complete a young child’s education. 

For example, a teacher must make sure that every student has followed a lesson. After all, every pupil has a varying capacity to grasp lessons. Thus, it becomes necessary for the teacher to deliver the class in an attractive and seamless way so that all the learners can grasp the lesson. The teaching process should facilitate learning, and it should definitely not be one where the intellectual ability of the educator takes centre stage.         

Effective teaching and quality learning go hand-in-hand

Learning is imperative for the evolution of a young mind. Below are a few reasons to substantiate why good teachers are those who impart their lessons in such a way that it facilitates quality learning for all their students:

  • The goal of every teacher should be to facilitate easy learning. Any coaching that does not involve learning is rendered ineffective in the long run. 
  • A successful teacher takes cognizance of the perception of pupils and builds the lesson plan based on this. This is a key element in any classroom scenario, whether it is a physical class or a virtual one. It is important to note that many factors determine how students perceive various subjects such as their interest level, future goals as well as parental or peer influences. How easily the educator leads them to embrace a lesson positively is also an important factor for the young minds to actually “like” a particular subject. 
  • To ensure the efficacy of the teaching process, the teacher must be able to escalate the learning ability of the average students by initially identifying, and then working on it, to improve the core areas of incompetency.
  • It is important to inculcate a teaching pattern devised to gauge the inattentive minds while imparting any lesson. 
  • One style of teaching is not applicable for all students. In fact, the traditional methods of teaching may not always be the most effective. Teachers must be able to motivate the students. Optimizing the learning environment through improved physical, pedagogical and psychological contexts is sure to nurture a disinterested student into an eager learner. 
  • An effective way of understanding the progress of the class vis-à-vis imparting of the lessons is to intersperse them with various ways formulated to test the grasping of the concepts by the students. Some of the tools that are regularly used by successful teachers include project work, quizzes, debates, group discussions and other interactive sessions.
  • It is also important for teachers to continuously upgrade their professional skill-sets and knowledge. This can be achieved by exposing themselves to conferences, symposiums, workshops and webinars focused on enlightening them on the new developments in the realm of education. This makes the educators more confident about themselves, it also improves the overall quality of education and promotes knowledge-sharing in the classroom.

Our dedicated teachers ensure a bright future for your children

Whether it is online teaching or in the classroom, the highly experienced and qualified teachers at Ruby Park Public School (RPPS) in Kolkata leave no stone unturned to offer the best education to the students. They ensure the lessons they are imparting are in sync with international standards, with diligent usage of state-of-the-art technology and modern pedagogical tools. Needless to say, the dedicated faculty motivates the students and ensure that each and every pupil follow every lesson in the class. The overall idea is to impart a holistic curriculum that is characterized by excellence in both academic and co-curricular activities to stimulate the all-round development of every youngster.

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