Educational counselling can help students make the right decisions for their education and career aspirations. It forms an integral part of education by helping students understand themselves, their ambitions and the opportunities around them in a better way. Students can get advice before stepping into the next stage of their academic and career pursuits. They can also benefit from learning how to think practically and approach problems creatively.

Types of counselling

Students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes and work opportunities can benefit from three types of counselling, categorised below:

Educational guidance and counselling – It focuses on getting students well-versed with the best colleges for their desired courses and the academic requirements for their selected stream.

Generally, found in schools and colleges, educational counsellors provide guidance and mentorship for academic success and progression.

For a holistic counselling experience, the counsellor may deliberate on various topics. These topics could be:

  • Educational and career choices
  • Familial support
  • Transportation problems
  • Concerns regarding grades

Vocational counselling: It focuses more on finding a suitable occupation or job opportunity for the student based on their interests. It also helps provide the ideal match of the student’s skill sets to the job profile. 

Career counselling: It is a combination of educational and vocational counselling. It helps students and working professionals by providing the right mentorship at every step of their academic and professional journey.

Need for counselling for university admissions

Students often find making the right career choice for higher studies difficult. Choices are sometimes made based on information gathered from unreliable sources, peer pressure and lack of awareness of available courses. Strong guidance enables students to choose the most suitable course according to their interests and preferences.

These days, with many career choices, students cannot differentiate between the right and wrong. The purpose of counselling should be to provide valuable life lessons to the students so that they may become professionals in their careers.

Apart from parents, teachers and the peer group, the education counsellors can play a stellar role in getting students on the right path. They are able to rapidly identify and achieve professional and academic goals, facilitate personal growth, and help improve interpersonal relationships.

Ruby Park Public School: Your gateway to world-class education

Ruby Park Public School aims to educate and nurture students to become a strong community of future-ready citizens and leaders of tomorrow. With a holistic pedagogy and methods of delivery at RPPS, the students are taught life skills to live responsibly by caring for the self, the people around them and their environment. Being a sister concern of DPS Ruby Park, the school ensures quality education in the academic ad co-curricular spheres.

Being affiliated with the CBSE board, it visions to impart 21st-century skills to its students and maintain a delicate balance between traditional values and modern ethos. The refreshing and peaceful learning environment has stimulated the students to achieve the highest standards of discipline and excellence in their educational endeavours.



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