If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories. If you want them to be brilliant, tell them more stories

-Albert Einstein

Story-telling is one of the most ancient forms of teaching, which has bolstered the early human communities to find answers to life and living. For school-going children today, stories have their way to inculcate a sense of wonder and has proved to be a unique way for the youngsters to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for different ways of life. Story-telling inspires children to engage in purposeful conversations, generates enthusiasm to read books, script their own stories, and hone strong language and listening skills.

Parents and teachers use story-telling to develop cognitive skill-sets, expand knowledge and boost confidence in young adults. Introducing new vocabulary and increasing memory capacity is beneficial for kids. Several research publications have analyzed the effects of story-telling. It is a successful educational strategy that creates significant improvements in language acquisition and enhances oral or spoken language. It also develops reading and comprehension, makes sense of basic mathematics, improves cross-cultural communication, promotes moral and social development, and the art of effective communication.

Providing life skills

Listed below are some of the many benefits of employing story-telling as a medium of learning:

Improves verbal proficiency: As a reliable source of an early childhood learning programme, narrating stories help children to get acquainted with new languages, words and phrases. The process improves pronunciation and interaction skills besides providing the opportunity to learn and comprehend better.

Develops listening and thinking skills: Children often find it difficult to concentrate on something for extended periods. Storytelling can help improve the child’s listening skills, make them more attentive and teach them to increase their attention span.

Boosts confidence and develops communication skills: Stories develop the vocabulary of children and make them confident communicators.

Sharpens memory: Children often recount impactful stories even after years of their narration. This technique is thus utilized to make them remember facts and boost their memory.

Imbibes ethics and values: Stories are often used to instil values like honesty, truthfulness, gratitude, courage, etc., in young adults.

Develop creativity: Exposing children to stories from a young age evokes the elements of intellectual thinking and enhances the children’s imagination and artistic skills.

Understand culture: There is no better way to explain our diverse culture to children than through story-telling.

RPPS: Setting new benchmarks in education

The highly experienced and qualified faculty at Ruby Park Public School (RPPS), Kolkata, always encourages the holistic development of the students. The young minds are provided with the freedom to express themselves. At the same time, the school nurtures them with optimum utilization of cutting-edge technology and modern pedagogical tools, including the art of compelling story-telling.

Being one of the top schools in the city, this CBSE-affiliated institution imparts education in sync with international standards. This premier house of education has gained a steady reputation of working tirelessly at moulding and empowering future-ready leaders of tomorrow.

For more information, visit www.rubypark.com.

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