Music gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything

– Plato, Athenian philosopher

Music is an intrinsic part of holistic education. From the time kids are born, parents instinctively use music to calm and soothe their little ones, to express love and happiness as well as to engage and interact. Even the teachers at school employ music not only for teaching but also for imbibing lasting memories in the minds of the children. In fact, music has a positive impact when it comes to improving confidence, enhancing social skills and the overall development of children. The benefit of music encompasses children of all age groups.

Lifelong benefits of music

  • Research has concluded that musical experiences in childhood results in accelerating brain development, particularly in the realm of language acquisition and reading abilities.
  • In fact, exposure to music ignites all areas of child development such as intellectual, socio-emotional, motor, language and obviously, overall knowledge.
  • It helps to sync the mind with the body.
  • Music allows the youngsters to get familiarized with the sounds and meaning of words.
  • While learning to play an instrument leads to improvement in mathematical abilities, dancing to music is known to develop motor skills and allows children to practice self-expression as well as sharpen their memory.

Catering to children of all age-groups

Pre-schoolers: Right from the pre-school age, music has a strong influence on children. Pre-schoolers enjoy nursery rhymes and songs about things they associate themselves with such as toys, animals, activities and people.

School-going children: Most children who attend school enjoy sing-along songs that involve counting, spelling or even remembering a sequence of events. Once they are older, they form opinions about their choice of different genres of music. They often express interest in pursuing music, such as singing or playing an instrument.

Teenagers: This age group of children often uses music to “identify” themselves as well as forge friendships. Teens often express a keen interest in music education or even performing on stage at various musical extravaganzas.

In conclusion, we can safely say that music plays an important role with respect to the growth of every child – right from the pure pleasure of listening to gaining a stronghold on language and social skills, it enriches the lives of the young minds as well as those who nurture them!

We focus on life-skills along with academic excellence

The highly experienced and qualified teachers as well as the management at Ruby Park Public School (RPPS) in Kolkata are aware that children need to be exposed to music from an early age, to reap the host of benefits it offers. The dedicated teachers provide the young students with an environment that facilitate them to be independent learners and well-developed individuals, with an accent on their overall personality as well as academic prowess. Students are encouraged to participate in musical activities and events to empower them to succeed not only in their scholastic endeavours but also helps in providing a perfect platform to hone their confidence levels and self-esteem.

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