We are all familiar with the age-old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The best way to ensure this is not the case is by introducing art in the lives of the school-goers of today.

What is art?

To understand the importance of engaging with art, we must first understand what art is. It is technically defined as ’the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination’. Imagination refers to forming new ideas. Representation of these new ideas is simply art. So, in the world of art, the expression may not be practical, theoretical or even tangible. The ideas are generated in our minds from our thoughts during our day-to-day lives and eventually find an outlet in the form of art.
The realm of art may be expressed though different mediums. It could be through painting, poetry, song, dance, theatre or various other mediums of expression. Today, it is a formal discipline and has been classified into further segments thanks to the advancement in technology, namely fine arts that include drawings, paintings, sculpture, calligraphy, etc and performing arts that comprise public performance, music, dance, theatre, etc.

Relevance of art in schools

Enhanced creativity and staying away from depression

In today’s age of stiff competition, children from a very young age are under the pressure to perform. The number of books as part of their curriculum is increasing by the day. Add to this, the hectic schedule of attending the private tuition classes. The students are eventually left with very little time to themselves. In fact, this is often the prime factor for the new-age peril of rising cases of depression in this age group. Introducing the students to an art of their liking can be a great way for them to ease out their worries and creatively express themselves. The practice of having to denote experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination helps in developing clarity in the minds of the youngsters, thus making them more confident of themselves. It has been researched and observed that students practicing some forms of art are better at communicating and have less chances of suffering from social anxiety.

Confidence-building and all-round character development

The phase of adolescence is a difficult one and this is irrespective across genders. The children in this age group go through major physiological changes, both physically and mentally. They find it difficult to express the internal turmoil they suffer, stemming from the fear that no one will relate to them. Art again is the great saviour in this case. A very important positive aspect of practicing art collectively with their peers is that the interactions reveal the similarities in the growing up process of the young minds and the thought of feeling left out does not creep in. The process of creating something together becomes highly enjoyable for the students. Of course, the advantage of art is the fact that there are so many options and there is never the chance of boredom.

RPPS: Nurturing young minds positively

Rated among one of the top schools in the city, Ruby Park Public School (RPPS) aims at moulding and nurturing a strong community of future-ready citizens and leaders of tomorrow, sensitive to the winds of change and yet committed to living with responsibility as well as maintaining a delicate balance between traditional values and modern ethos. As an institution providing the best peaceful, invigorating and intellectually stirring environment, it always nurtures every student’s artistic inclinations. The school has carved a niche for itself for honing the holistic development of all its students and fulfilling their potential in both their academic as well as artistic pursuits.

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