All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This proverb has always been extremely relevant in our lives – in addition to striving for academic brilliance, it is very important for every child to indulge in extra-curricular activities, to ensure their holistic development. They help these budding adultsto learn about themselves, hone their skill-sets and to apply them diligently in different challenging contexts. The children also develop an insight on how to manage time efficiently, set priorities as well as broaden their perspective about life on the whole.

Let us enumerate some key benefits of these activities on these young minds.

  • Provides a much-needed respite from studies: In these challenging times today, children are pressurized to perform well academically from a very young age. Indulging in their preferred extra-curricular activity not only provides them with a break from their demanding schedules but also makes them “fresh”to regain their ability to grasp and retain knowledge.
  • Improves academic performance: Simultaneously, participating in extra-curricular activities can actually improve the academic performance of students and improve their outlook on the whole. Participating in the activities they are passionate about increases their brain functioning, improves their level of concentration and helps them to manage their time more diligently. All these combine to earn better grades in school.
  • Develops the ability to think coherently: Extra-curricular activities go a long way in enhancing creative thinking in young children, when they face challenges that require instant solutions. It gives them the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the stressful situations in a bid to overcome them.
  • Enhances social proficiencies: Often an “ice-breaker”, these activities instill the sense of teamwork, co-operation, problem solving and resolving conflicts in children. The youngsters “open up” and interact more through these fun times. Activities like dance, music, drama and visual arts have been proven to enhance the self-confidence, self-esteem and positive behaviour of the participants.
  • Instills leadership skills: In addition to developing a sense of being team players, outside-the-classroom activities provide opportunities to children for assuming and honing leadership roles. Being better organizers, motivators, planners and administrators, obviously provides them with the edge vis-a-vis their career later in their adulthood.
  • Refines latent talent: Participating in extra-curricular activities brings out the best latent talent in individuals. They can identify and excel in their interest areas. Even parents, teachers and caregivers can identify the hidden talents in young children while they express themselves and their creativity while pursuing their hobbies and other out-of-classroom activities.

We promote holistic development of our students

The highly experienced and qualified teachers at Ruby Park Public School (RPPS) in Kolkata are aware of the fact that extra-curricular activities and academics go hand-in-hand to raise independent learners and well-developed individuals. The dedicated teachers thusengage with the students to ensure they are provided with an environment that fosters their overall personality and not just academic brilliance.  The specially-curated curriculum is characterized by a harmonious blend of various disciplines, both academic and co-curricular. All the students are encouraged to participate in out-of-the-classroom activities to empower them to succeed in much more than just their scholastic endeavours.

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