Festivals are fun for kids, fun for parents and offer a welcome break from the stresses of the nuclear family.

Tom Hodgkinson, British writer and editor of The Idler.

All children look forward to the rich and vibrant festivals that are testimony to our vibrant culture and tradition. Whether they are related to the harvest season, based on the theme of the good triumphing over evil, change of seasons or any other happy occasion – festivals play a significant role in the lives of all children. It establishes their deep bonding with the immediate family, the community at large as well as cultivates their sense of identity, values and belief systems.

Developing a broader perspective of life

Children develop a liking and start to acknowledge festivals through memorable family experiences as well as the gifting and sharing associated with them. Celebrating the diverse festivals prevalent in our country, whether they are national, seasonal or religious, becomes a ‘come to life’ moment for children, giving them meaning and experiences to last for a lifetime. The young minds are exposed to diversity, essential values of community spirit and even the nitty-gritties of tradition. Voluntary service, especially helping the needy, is another important aspect of life that all festivals expose youngsters to.

Positive impact on children

All in all, happy experiences during the festive times form the cornerstones for personal, social and emotional development of children. They prove to be critical when it concerns:

  • Nurturing familial bonds: This is the time when families come together and the child gets the opportunity to interact with even the extended family. This close bonding facilitates them to look forward to these experiences of togetherness and continued happy times.
  • Valuing the concept of unity in diversity: Celebrating festivals can help a child understand the cultural significance of every festival and foster the positive spirit of participating equally in the different celebratory occasions, irrespective of religion or caste.
  • Participating in cultural events: Children get the opportunity to participate in social events and cultural activities that help them develop self-confidence, the spirit of competition and team bonding. They also help to break the monotony of their academic pursuits and allow them to polish their extra-curricular talent and hobbies.

Children will remember an important day only if they are told what the occasion signifies. So a celebration makes them aware of the world in a more fun way. Celebrating events and festivals in our school has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief. Such celebrations bring the students closer to each other’s traditions and cultural beliefs and develop respect and understanding for each other’s customs and traditions. Indians surely have millions of reasons to rejoice! Furthermore, when students from different regions experience this joy of festivals, it truly enhances the Indian culture.

We encourage multi-disciplinary learning

The adept management and highly experienced faculty at Ruby Park Public School (RPPS), Kolkata always encourage complete holistic development of all the students. The young minds are allowed to forge their own positive impressions while the institution nurtures them with an academic curriculum complete with modern pedagogical tools, in a bid to imbibe in them the importance of celebrating our culture and values.

We highlight the role that festivals and celebrations play in learning and development of children. We aim to support children in their journey to understand the commonalities of human values that are shared by all cultures and religions. We encourage families and care-givers to help children understand different cultures and participate diligently and responsibly in a world that is as diverse and vibrant as ours.

So apart from classroom learning, RUBY PARK PUBLIC SCHOOL encourages students to celebrate each and every festival and event with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children are exposed to the essence of festivals in various ways. Each and every performance turns out to be innovative and unique in its own way. At the end of the day the boundless joy of celebrating the event is visible.

For students, it is a great way to understand the rich heritage of India and learn about the importance of various festivals. Along with enthusiasm and fun for the activitiesqualities like sensitivitycreativity and togetherness are also inculcated in the students. Keeping its values intact, our school wishes to offer the right kind of educational system which is based on moral ethics. The school also believes that education will allow the child to bloomblossom and thrive, giving them the right platform where they will work towards becoming a responsible citizen.

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